From this article in the Huffington Post: The Harvard Grant Study, led by psychiatrist George Vaillant, followed the life trajectories of 268 male students in order to answer life’s universal questions of growth, development, value and purpose. Vaillant considers the […]


If Dr. Seuss was a yogi

(To Be Read In the Rhythm of “Green Eggs and Ham”.) Hello there, Yogi! Namaste. Would you like to go to yoga today? No thank you, I am very tired I slept so poorly… was up late, wired. Ah, I […]


Wanderlust 2014

Last year I spent the summer of a liftetime following Wanderlust across america. It was an experience I won’t soon forget.  I’m excited to share that Wanderlust has announced their 2014 Summer Festival schedule.  Looking beyond the winter sojourn to […]

Me and Bill
co-leading hikes with the lovely and talented Hannah Thiem photo by Ali Kaukas

Wanderlust Part 5: a quick trip home

“Nothing behind me, everything ahead of me, as is ever so on the road.” ― Jack Kerouac, On the Road     I’m not known for keeping things simple. And so it was that I drove, ferried and flew home […]


Fig and Feta Salad

Fig and Feta Salad Ingredients: Organic, local mixed greens (my mix includes baby kale! try this and spinach for extra nutrition and flavour!) Organic, local arugula Sunflower sprouts Fresh figs (dried would be ok too) Goat’s milk feta Walnuts Honey […]


Days go by at Hollyhock

Days drift by so pleasantly here at Hollyhock. I’m surprised at how busy I manage to be. I’ve really been enjoying my time here. I started in housekeeping on Sunday. On Monday the other volunteers for this session arrived, and […]

My Hollyhock 'office'


First, I think I need to share with you the view from which I write this: A lot of people have heard of Hollyhock and want to visit. You should probably get on that because you never know what the […]


Day 40- From the Valley to the Island!

I was in such a state of relaxation that I had a hard time shifting gears and packing up to depart. It was 10 am before it occurred to me that I was quite a ways from where I wanted […]


Day 37- Vancouver to Kelowna… and BACK?

After Whistler I left for Kelowna, thinking I was going to head to Calgary and not really knowing what was going to happen after that. I few different options had presented themselves to me, and all that was left to […]